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The War Against Women; Marilyn French

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The majority of men who leave their families do not support their children adequately or at all; few support the wives they insisted become dependent on them. These facts have become well known in the past decade as the huge number of destitute women and children became a national problem-but a problem blamed on WOMEN. People blame welfare mothers, not irresponsible men or the arms budget, for the inflated national budget.Yet only a tiny percent of the national budget is devoted to welfare aid. As a result of perverse national priorities, children comprise the single largest segment of the population living in poverty.

The statistics are staggering: judges do not order men to support their children in over 40 percent of cases when mothers get custody; when they do, they award them roughly $10 to $40 a week- a laughable amount considering what it cost to house, feed, clothe, provide medical and educate a child.

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May 16, 2011 at 7:27 am

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