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Happy Fathers’ Day To The Good Dads/ Janice Levinson Protective Mothers’ Alliance INTL. Executive Director/ Co-founder

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What Makes A Good Dad????

I posed this question to our PMA INTL.Protective Moms,  Advocates , Administrators, Leaders and Members. We came up with the following list:

Note: this list also applies to dads no longer in a relationship with the mother of their child/children

1. Any dad who supports the mother of his child/children emotionally, physically, and financially.

2.  Dads who teach their child/children by words and actions to respect their mothers and  women in general.

3.   Any  dad who sets an example  for his child/ children  that his family is always his priority.

4.   Dads who stand firm as a role model for his child/ children of honesty, integrity, dependability and kindness.

5.  Dads who are available for their families emotionally and physically.

6.  All dads who role model for their child/children positive work ethics.

7.  All dads who discipline in a firm, yet fair and loving way.

8.  Dads who are concerned for the safety of their child/children and their child/ children’s mother.

9. All dads who know how to disagree with respect and without violence or abuse of any kind.

10. Any dad who teaches his child/children that it is ok to make mistakes and points out his mistakes as an example.

11.  All dads who embrace the washing machine and diaper changing.

12.  Any dad who knows how to find the kitchen.

13.   All dads who comprehend, appreciate and respect the challenges  women and mothers face in our world today.

14. Any dad who knows how to tolerate and even pretend to enjoy a trip to the mall, theme park, children’s’ concert ect. with his family.

15. Dads who can demonstrate that family time is more important than his favorite sports event.

16.   Any dad who can be a good listener and a strong consistent shoulder

17.    All dads  who are not afraid to get silly .

18.   Dads who embrace water fights, pillow fights and up -all- night sleepovers .

19.  Any dad  not afraid to sing , dance, and play on the floor with his child/children

20.  Dads who  play dress up and have tea parties

Add to our list in the comment section . We would love to hear your thoughts.

We at PMA International  honor “The Good Dad” on this Fathers’ Day.

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” ~ David O. McKay

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