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Why I Volunteer with Protective Mothers Alliance International

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My youngest child has recently aged out of the system.   After having gone through years of abuse from a domestic violence situation, and family court decisions that devastated me and my children,  I continue to stay with Protective Mothers Alliance International.  PMA is a fine organization with high standards and works to achieve change in the family court system in a dignified way.
It is frightening to go through the abuse and the possible decisions that can be handed down by family court.  It is not supportive to mothers at this point in time.  I was naive about this when I left my marriage and thought that when I left I would find help and support for myself and my children.  It was not the case and I had a struggle on my hands.
Court scenarios with an abuser continue for years after the initial divorce until the child ages out of the system.   It was the case with me.  I first found respite in an unexpected way when my domestic violence agency offered me an opportunity to participate in domestic violence lobby day at my state capitol.   Domestic violence survivors were asked to participate in talking with senators and representatives about pending legislation and give their input.  We were told that, as survivors, our input was highly valued.  At first, I was frightened to go and do this, but decided that I would go ahead and do it to help out.  I did it, and I was actually surprised because I loved it!  It gave me something positive to do with all of the terrible things that had happened to me and my children and I was able to use it to help others.

Then, shortly after this, I learned about Protective Mothers Alliance International.  I was very impressed with the high standards of the organization and talked with Janice.  The goals of PMA are consistent with what I want to see happen for mothers and children and I was happy to see that safety is a priority for the members of PMA.  I have participated in some of the activities with PMA and some of the committees and I am really enjoying it.  I find it energizing and very healing for the abusive past that I have been in.
I highly recommend participation in PMA to all the moms as it really does help one to move past the victim stage and on to helping others caught in the cycle of abuse.  Thanks Janice and PMA for all you do!
If you are interested in joining our family of advocates, e-mail Janice:
Deborah Simmons, State Chapter Leader, WA
West Coast Regional Director, Protective Mothers Alliance International

Written by 1deborah613

August 28, 2011 at 8:25 pm

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