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Read about  a  protective mother in Hawaii  being persecuted for having made legal tape recordings to keep Family Court officials honest:

Rose De Lima

Probation Officer, Rose De Lima, has falsified a report to the court in an attempt to violate Carrie and prevent her continued recording.  The following is a portion of Rose De Lima’s report and Carrie’s recordings of the two meetings.

“This matter was brought to the Court’s attention because the defendant’s ongoing behavior from the onset is unacceptable.  She is argumentative andoppositional which indicates that perhaps she is not probationable.

On May 19, 2011, A Motion to Amend Special Term of Probation Hearing was held to allow the defendant to have contact with her children.  The defendant wasirate that she was not informed by this officer of her court hearing as she would have demanded that the entire special condition be removed and not just modified.  Even though this officer apologized for not notifying her of the court hearing and explained that having the condition removed would not have been an option anyway, she continued to berate this officer as well asslanderously accuse her attorney of not doing her job and of being an incompetent attorney.”  [emphasis added]

At her appointment on July 21, 2011, she was informed that she would no longer be allowed to secretly tape record our conversations during probation interviews.  Please note that she has been consistently tape recording everyone during her court proceedings.  While this may be a legal practice this officer found it inappropriate for her to be tape recording our conversations during probation interviews.  She insisted she has a legal right to do so and would continue that practice.  As Special Condition #1 states that the defendant is to “follow all reasonable instructions give [sic] to you by your probation officer,” she is thereby in violation of her probation conditions.  The interview was terminated and she was informed that she would be returned to court to address this probation violation. [emphasis added]
Rose De Lima is the one displaying unacceptable behavior by being unreasonable, argumentative, and oppositional; and she is the one committing slander in her attempt to illegally violate Carrie.  As an Officer of the Court, Rose De Lima has chosen to ignore the violations of Carrie’s rights and instead berate her for “holding a grudge”.  Rose is a Senior Probation Officer, with many years of service under her belt. However, she seems to be unaware that Hawaii Revised Statue §806-73 Duties and powers of probation officers; adult probation records clearly states the confidentiality belongs to the defendant. Rose De Lima also knowingly included a falsified report from Michele Keiki, Program Supervisor with Turning Points/ATV.  Following is just one of numerous falsehoods in Michele Keiki’s report and Carrie’s recording.


Program Supervisor asked client for her $50.00 intake fee and client threw the money at PS. PS stated that she “does not appreciate this behavior” and clientstated to PS that client “does not appreciate having to come to these classes with you bitches!” [emphasis added]


Obviously, Carrie’s recordings are not only prudent, but necessary.  Without the recordings these slanderous reports would be assumed to be the truth.  Without recordings, Rose De Lima knows she has the power to illegally incarcerate her probationers by presenting false reports to the court.  We have to wonder how many other innocent defendants have been illegally incarcerated due to intentionally falsified reports. 

Presenting false evidence and reports to a court is a crime.  The duty of the Attorney General’s Office is to investigate and prosecute crimes committed by State Officials.  However, when Carrie attempts to report the crime to Investigator Domingo, she once again receives what she has termed as the “coconut blow-off”.


Apparently a crime committed by a State Official isn’t a crime unless their supervisor has been informed of it first. 

The halls of the Hilo Court House have been abuzz with the audacity of Carrie to record them.  The corruption, manipulation, and retaliation which has been leveled at her has been blatant and continuous.   On July 28, 2011, Carrie’s Proof of Compliance Hearing was continued to give her new attorney time to prepare.  As the proceeding ended, Prosecutor Rick Dammerville hastily hand wrote a note and handed it to Carrie’s new attorney, Harry Eliason.  The note stated, “Harry, she records everyone.  She’s recording you right now too!”

Carrie’s fate will be determined by Judge Glenn S. Hara at 1 PM on August 30, 2011.  Even with the LEGAL RECORDINGS she expects to have a continued cover up.  Carrie has spent the last 20 months fighting this system of corruption alone, but you can make the difference.






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