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‘Sex for drugs’ doctor partied with teen, gave friends drugs/ wftv.com9

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WFTV has new details of a Brevard Co. doctor accused of doling out prescription drugs and having sex with a teenager.

An arrest affidavit just released shows Dr. John Gayden showered a 17-year-old girl with gifts, partied with her underage friends and gave them drugs.

Gayden had only been off the hook for a year in another alleged teen sex case when investigators said he met a second teenage girl walking by his Indialantic office.

The teenager doesn’t live far from Gayden’s office. She happened to walk by, and ask Gayden for 75 cents. She ended up getting a lot more in return, including prescription drugs.

FDLE agents said the 58-year-old doctor took the 17-year-old to a store, bought her a cellphone and started a yearlong relationship.

Agents said Gayden knew the girl was a minor and told her to keep their affair low-key.

Agents said one day the girl was walking by a pumpkin patch and he asked her to pick out the biggest pumpkin in the patch and put it in his car. She said the doctor gave her a softball-sized bag of marijuana just so he could watch her.

She told agents that before she turned 18, the doctor gave her marijuana and oxycodone, a highly addictive pain killer, and had sex in an apartment above his medical office.

Agents arrested the doctor Tuesday on the sex charges.

The health department suspended his license amid accusations that the doctor is one of the most liberal prescribers of addictive pain killers in the state.

The victim said Gayden gave her fake IDs, bought her clothes, partied with her underage friends, put her up in a hotel room after she got into a fight with her mother, and eventually moved in with her.

Gayden is scheduled to appear before a judge for an arraignment in December. He remains free on $100,000 bond.

Gayden should be familiar with prescription drug abuse. WFTV has uncovered the investigation into his own son’s death.

It showed 20-year-old John Gayden III died in 2006 from a drug overdose.

Witnesses told police that he took oxycodone and other drugs the night before he was discovered.

The report did not say whether his father prescribed the drugs.

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