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Dear Friends;

 Many of us have seen in the news recently about Josh Powell who killed himself along with his 5 and 7 year old sons and the violent explosion of their home after the children were brought to him for supervised visitation while he was under suspicion of the disappearance of their mother, as well as other allegations including child pornography. This is one of many situations that are happening today where children are forced into custody/visitation situations with harmful, abusive and sometimes deadly parents

223 Children per day Monday through Friday are sent to live with their abuser parent or are sent to unsupervised visits with their abuser parent. Protective parents who have tried to protect their precious children from abuse  have found themselves in the following various situations including but not limited to family courts ordering  ;

gag orders
supervised visits
reduced visitation time for the protective parent
custody switches giving the abuser parent full custody
labeling the protective parent various unsubstantiated psychological labels as a direct result of normal protective actions taken by the protective parent
and so much more.

Some of this abuse is sexual and the children are left in the care of their sexual predator parent.

The Sandusky scandal at Penn State is mild compared to the scandal of family court corruption and abuse.

The trauma endured by the children ripped away from their loving parent and sent to live with their abuser parent creates  long term damage.

What can we do to stop family court abuse and corruption?

Mothers Occupy

Mothers Occupy will be an ongoing world -wide peaceful candlelight vigil about family court abuse and corruption and  Juvenile and Dependency Court Corruption.

The Kids for cash scam in the PA juvenile courts   is also not an  isolated  incident 

Let’s join forces with concerned advocates and organizations around the world in solidarity and peace to save the children.

We already have many organizations  and countries on board and endorsement from the prestigious Battered Mothers Custody Conference among many others. 
For more information about Mothers Occupy and how you may help the children contact;

Join us on facebook to show your support

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