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Protective Mothers Alliance International supports Katie Holmes

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Just our thoughts on the Katie Holmes/ Tom Cruise custody and divorce;
Married Moms in controlling and abusive relationships who want out while protecting their children, need to closely examine Katie’s strategy. Clearly with 223 children per day sent to live with their abuser parent by family court in the U.S, we cannot rely on our ” justice system” to act in the best interest of our children. Being smart about it and using knowledge of important info along with proof may ” convince” the controlling spouse to act in the child’s best interest. Never underestimate the power of planning in a smart yet peaceful way. Katie; good moms who unknowingly believed that truth would prevail in family court, and who had their hearts broken, family’s destroyed, and lives altered forever, stand together cheering you on. We feel immense joy knowing you and your daughter are now safe from control and DV by proxy forever. You are now both free. Free to enjoy life, free from oppression and control, and free to love each other with your God -given mother and child bond intact.

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  1. I anxiously await hearing more details of Katie’s strategy/plan…


    July 12, 2012 at 6:31 am

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