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Lundy Bancroft’s Control Tactics in Arguments From “Why Does He Do That?”

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Protective Mothers’ Alliance International‘s insight:

        From "Why Does He Do That?"  by Lundy Bancroft

Control Tactics in Arguments

Distorting what happened in an earlier interaction
Accusing you of doing what he does, or thinking the way he thinks
Using a tone of absolute authority
Not listening, refusing to respond
Laughing out loud at your opinion or perspective
Turning your grievances around to use against you
Changing the subject to his grievances
Criticism that is harsh, undeserved or frequent
Provoking guilt
Playing the victim
Smirking, rolling his eyes, contemptuous facial expressions
Yelling, out-shouting
Name calling, insults, put downs
Walking out
Towering over you
Walking towards you in an intimidating way
Blocking a doorway
Physical intimidation, such as getting too close when angry
Threatening to leave or harm you__________________

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September 6, 2013 at 8:58 am

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