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Protective Mother and Child Reunion: Gold Ribbon Campaign, Bring Our Children Home!

Protective Mother and Child Reunion:
Gold Ribbon Campaign


“The beautiful memories that we have of our beloved children are golden and can NEVER be erased from our
hearts and minds”

PMA International is promoting our ongoing Gold Ribbon Campaign in an effort to reunite protective mothers and their children who have been separated by the family courts. We encourage all advocates and their allies around the globe to wear gold ribbons, to add gold ribbons to your social networking profile picture, to display a gold ribbon on your car or any other method you are legally able to do so. This is to symbolize the effort that protective mothers and their allies are making to reunite children with their protective moms. Together we can raise awareness and make a difference. Much love PMA International.

To grab PMA International’s Gold Ribbon Campaign Badges for your social network profile, follow the links below;

PMA International continues to grow! If you want to join our fast growing family of advocates, as a PMA member/ supporter please visit our link below

You may also contact Gayle Summer PMA International’s Executive Administrative Assistant @

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  1. Great idea PMA! Thanks


    September 16, 2013 at 4:35 am

  2. Are there Tshirts with logos/info? I think it would be great to have a 1mile walk/5K run (and more) for awareness. Those who haven’t had Parental Alienation happen to them are likely to do a run and therefore learn….

    Torn 2 Peaces

    March 27, 2014 at 5:39 pm

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