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Family Wars: The Alienation of Children by Peggie Ward, Ph.D. and J. Campbell Harvey

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Family Wars: The Alienation of Children by Peggie Ward, Ph.D. and J. Campbell Harvey

Protective Mothers’ Alliance International‘s insight:

The alienation of children from one parent towards another during divorce is a growing problem. Both genders are guilty of this. When it happens to protective mothers we prefer the term DV by proxy.Parents who suffer from personality disorders are the ones who perpetrate this psychological child abuse the most. It is considered the most devious form of child abuse as no visible scars are left yet great damage is done . Adult child victims of this form of abuse are vulnerable to manipulations from abusers and shady characters the rest of their lives since critical thinking  skills are suppressed through the abusers manipulations. Damage to the ability to ever form a healthy relationship bond is another result of this abuse and manifests itself in unhealthy ways. Many moms I know have suffered alienation from children whom they adore and who once adored them. If an adult child ( or any child) expressed hate and disinterest in a parent from divorce understand this is not normal and be skeptical of what they say. Children who come from the most horrific experiences still try to protect the parent who hurt them, as a child never wants to believe a parent is bad. This is normal reaction to a child who has not been alienated. Any therapist will tell you this. If a child rejects a parent after a divorce, chances are they are being alienated from said parent.

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