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Children Reunited With Their Mother

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Last month the CLC completed its representation of two children who were reunited with their mother.

Protective Mothers’ Alliance International‘s insight:

Finally some good news: Last month the CLC completed its representation of two children who were reunited with their mother. Delia, a toddler, and Matt, age five, were removed from their mother’s home after witnessing domestic violence between their mother and Delia’s father. The mother was still married to Matt’s father, but he had abandoned the family some time ago and his whereabouts were unknown. The children were placed with their maternal grandmother. Soon after, the CLC was appointed to represent the children.

The children’s mother immediately began to take steps to reunite with her children. She followed her case plan, which included maintaining a full-time job and stable housing. However, neither father made any effort to pursue a case plan or visit the children. The mother was eventually reunited with Delia, but agreed to delay moving Matt from his grandmother’s until he finished the school year so that it would be less disruptive for him. When the school year ended, Matt joined his mother and sister.

The CLC arranged for the family to have in-home behavior therapy to address some behavior problems exhibited by Matt. After the in-home therapy was completed, the CLC arranged for Matt to be evaluated by a pediatric neurologist. He was diagnosed with ADHD and placed on a therapy plan to address his symptoms.

With assistance from the CLC, the mother was referred to Wheels for Success to obtain a car. She relied on the bus for transportation to get to work, go to medical appointments, and run errands.

At the last hearing attended by the CLC the final issue was whether to allow visitation by either father. Delia’s father was prohibited from contacting the mother pursuant to a domestic violence injunction and Matt’s father had made no effort to contact his son for years. The court determined that both fathers must petition the court for any visitation rights.

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