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VINDICTIVE Narcissists.

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Protective Mothers’ Alliance International‘s insight:

They are VINDICTIVE in the cruelest ways.

If you ever – and I mean ever – dare to question a narcissist or request things like accountability, healthy boundaries, equality, and especially honesty, you’re going to become public enemy number one to the narcissist. The shiny charming mask immediately flies off and the monster stands before you. They will stoop to every level to punish you unmercifully, and there is no level they will not stoop to in order to "punish" you. They have myriad ways of attempting this; some are covert, and some are open and obvious.

The narcissist has a seemingly inexhaustible obsession for making people who cross them "pay". Once they set their sights on you, you’re a permanent enemy, and their seething venom will intensify.

The length of time they can keep up the full intensity of their hatred for you is unending – they will create a path of destruction for you that will rob you of your integrity and is aimed at destroying you – and their campaign and manner to exact revenge is absolutely dumbfounding to non-narcissistic people.

They will involve family, friends, co-workers, ministers, police — anybody that will aid them in their smear campaign. If they destroy your career, or smear your name in a manner to make you out to be a deviant of society, they will go for it because destruction is their ultimate goal – they will debase your life and to them it is a big win, and they smile at the pain and suffering they inflict – then they will stand on their pulpit and describe their woes for the suffering THEY experienced at our hands – and even pray for us.

Quite simply all you have done is just been a real person – that is enough to make a narcissist hate you!

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December 6, 2013 at 7:38 am

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