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  1. Hmm… my (ex) husband was abusive in all ways possible. He yelled in our son’s face – who was only ten weeks old at the time, because our son had an upset stomach so was uneasy. This ‘noise’ was stopping my (ex) husband from sleeping which is why he yelled at our baby rather than take him to the hospital.

    I will NEVER allow my son to see his father, unless when he’s older, want’s to see the man who does not support him, and who left him (and myself) homeless and penniless.

    Where does that leave me? Does that make me an unfit parent?

    Persia Karema

    April 29, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    • Hi Persia, thank you for your comment. We are so sorry for what you and your precious child are going through. This image was taken from a Stop DV by Proxy site and is a continuation of our goal to raise awareness about this issue. If you wish, you may learn more about the dynamics of DV by Proxy( which clearly is NOT your situation) by visiting PMA International’s Face Book page or read previous posts about this topic ( right here) on PMA INTL’s Guardian of Truth blog. Best to you.

  2. And yet what can be done? Absolutely nothing more (in my case) – I’ve taken Ex back to court to try & have my son’s voice heard… Nothing was changed except judge’s creative effort to let son “choose the 2 weekends/month he gets to stay home”… Son was so intimidated, he wouldn’t “buck the system” for 1st 7 mos – in April, he selected 3rd weekend of Easter, then came home after 4th weekend at his father’s w/anecdotes of child support “breaking” his father and how “unfair” the new court orders are…
    For my son’s mental health, I can’t engage. We just have to tough this out a couple more yrs.


    May 13, 2014 at 7:07 pm

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