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An Alienating Parent

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Written by protectivemothersallianceinternational

October 1, 2014 at 3:49 am

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  1. The problem with a family that is in the abuse cycle due to an abusive father and the children are scared and are angry at the abuser from being hurt and seeing their mom hurt and the professionals misread it as alienation when the abuser caused the alienation himself , then they remove the kids from their only trust their mother and give them to the abuser who skillfully alienates and isolates and now the children take on the roll the mother had and they are abused Stockholm syndrome causes them to be afraid to be close to their mother again. The scars are so huge now and all they needed was therapy and help for the abuser to learn how to treat people.God help these poor children who are motherless and more abused than ever. Why don’t therapists get educated on dv?????


    October 1, 2014 at 5:18 am

  2. Bo, Thank you for your comment. Although sometimes it is a lack of knowledge, sadly- we feel- it is corruption more than lack of education about DV dynamics that is taking place.

    • I agree about the corruption because I am one of the mothers who has lost her children and mu court appointed lawyer did not defend me and pretended she forgot to tell the other side of our witnesses. They used lies and trickery to literally steal my beautiful little girls. But I believe education is lacking in a huge way also.


      October 1, 2014 at 6:38 am

    • First of all we are so sorry for your pain and trauma and know exactly how you feel as we have been there, or are there, ourselves. You have our support, compassion and love. We agree with you that education is very much needed with the general public. But in our opinion, court professionals IE: attorneys, judges, therapists , are highly educated individuals with higher degree graduate level educations. They go to conferences and need to keep up on the latest research ect. Some of these professionals need CEU’s to maintain their professional license. They know current events and what is going on in the world. We feel that although some may be somewhat unaware about DV, most are very aware because they are ; 1. intelligent, 2. highly educated and 3. DV is in the public eye at this point in time in a very big way.( and it’s about time! ). Some seasoned advocates and others have been educating these professionals for many years, yet nothing has changed.Some newer advocates have a career or want to start a career educating these professionals and we most often find those are the ones who feel education is the way to solve this problem. Different philosophies and approaches, to be sure. All valid as there may be many paths that bring change. Time will tell. Best to you.

  3. Hello Ladies, I had to comment here because I see points in both your positions with which I can agree and relate.I am a protective mother who, upon realizing just how bad things could get in the wake of my divorce, chose a career path in Domestic Violence Advocacy. Twelve years ago,when I left my abuser, things weren’t much different in the courts than they are today despite hundreds of advocates’ best efforts to educate these professionals charged with protecting our children from harm. My judge is the chairperson of our state’s Juvenile and Family Court Judges association.

    This judge is the same man who gave my abuser custody, forced me into supervised visitation like some kind of sex offender or junkie, threw out every motion I filed in an effort to hold my ex in contempt for violating my parenting time, raped me in overpaid child support (though I ended up being cut a check for over $8,500 in the end because I proved to the court of appeals that my abuser had lied about my income and the judge made several egregious errors in permitting false evidence to be introduced…all of this and every one of the complaints I filed against the authorities permitting my abuser to get away it were was ignored.

    Even after I fought and won my visitation rights back by demonstrating the charges were legit and based on probable cause, my ex was able to label me a vexatious litigator due to all my “false (echem, bullsh**) allegations of domestic violence”. Despite being arrested, charged (civilly and criminally) with DV and CPO violations, he still kept custody of my daughter who now has been so alienated that she doesn’t want to talk to me most of the time. She is a totally different girl nowadays. Withdrawn, hostile at times – she lies to me constantly and has no respect for my authority when she visits. She never got any counseling because as soon as I raised the issue her father cut off contact with me all together, AGAIN.

    These are the stepping stones on my path to present day. The reasons I do what I do. Advocating for individual battered women whom the court systems revictimize brutally every day is the only way I have to try to make it right for other families the way mine never has been able to be put back together. I believe Janice is correct – these officials know what they’re doing. They just don’t care. Corruption is an understatement but I believe whole heartedly that things can and will change. The weak become strong,and as we do we fight to win – for every mother and child who has ever suffered at the hands of an abusive bastard who would do us harm. Blessed Be, Sisters…Keep Fighting The Good Fight! I’m right there with ya!

    Rev. Tina Musgrove, Eleusinian Ministries (Dayton,OH)

    October 1, 2014 at 5:36 pm

  4. Great post ( as always) and love the discussion on the comments. I agree. Yes its corruption. These so called professionals are to smart not to know about DV . I mean come on it is common sense. You have to be living under a rock to not know. They know. They are corrupt. Ty PMA Janice and Lundy for all you do You are a light in my dark life.


    October 1, 2014 at 6:23 pm

  5. So true. Ty PMA for all you do.


    October 1, 2014 at 6:25 pm

  6. Thank You everyone for your comments and participation, it is much appreciated. A note: please keep in mind PMA’s no abuse zone policy. This includes verbal, emotional abuse. Any comments displaying the above will be subject to editing or deleted. The comment sections are meant for an exchange of ideas . Please do so respectfully. If you disagree with a poster’s opinion- as is your right- please do so respectfully and without insults or verbal abuse. This blog and website is for everyone from those who have a wide range and deep knowledge on the subject to beginners new to this topic. If comments speak on issues you already know, please understand and have patience for the ones who may not know. Those new to family court corruption/abuse and related matters also read these comments and posts. All PMA comments and posts are issued with a broad audience in mind as this blog is read by many different people around the world. Thank you, and again Thank you for your participation. Much love to all.

  7. I think education is need. Can’t have enough education against abuse


    October 1, 2014 at 6:40 pm

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