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October- National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. Much has been written about DV in the NFL, and we wish to expand on the issues of DV in our culture. Looking at all aspects of our culture from music to movies from sports to language and attitudes, it is clear that we have much work to do. It seems Americans have become even more tolerate about the exceptance of DV right in their own living rooms. Lyrics in music have become even more graphic and violent, movies too. There have been best seller books on the topic writing in graphic detail and romanticizes violence. PMA International believes it is everyone’s responsibility to carefully examine the violence in our culture and make the conscious choice not to support those that glorify and promote it. It is especially important that as parents, we take a stand against the violence that our children are exposed to. Monitoring what our children watch and listen to is essential to parenting children in our culture. Also teaching children about DV and healthy alternatives to expressing strong emotions will help guide the children in a healthy, peaceful direction. Lundy Bancroft has spoken extensively on this topic. His videos are important for all to see. Please view his lecture; DV in popular culture ( link below)

Written by protectivemothersallianceinternational

October 11, 2014 at 10:08 am

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