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“What Would a Narcissist do if you Gave Him a Muffin?”

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A big *Thank You* and ((((( HUG)))))) to PMA INTL member Amy B. for this humorous and very truthful contribution! Love to you Amy. The PMA INTL Team

Originally posted by- Lucy K Write (One mom’s battle)

“What Would a Narcissist do if you Gave Him a Muffin?”
If you give a Narcissist a muffin
He’ll ask why you didn’t give him yours too
Because you don’t really deserve a muffin
And you should already know he is extra hungry this morning
But he doesn’t really want to eat either one of the muffins
Because you didn’t buy them from the best muffin shop in town
And how dare you, because you should have driven ten miles
To get him the muffin he would have wanted in the first place
Rather than do what you did when you snuck out of the house early this morning
To make a trip to the grocery store, to bring home the muffins just for a surprise
But the muffins you chose were wrong
And you are stupid
And now he’s late for work
Because he had to take time once again to loudly remind you
That you did not make the extra effort to do what he would have wanted
Which you better remember to do next time
Or he will be really angry
And by the way, he is still hungry but now he has to leave
And this is all your fault
Because he never really wanted a muffin in the first place
He wanted eggs
But it was all just a game to see if he could manipulate you
Into giving your muffin to him
Which you did
Because it was just easier
And now he left
But what just happened?
(Breathe again)
It’s finally quiet and you realize you are still very hungry
And even though he said that doesn’t matter because your needs don’t count…
They do
And you count too
So next time, when you think you want a muffin
And go out of your way to try and do something nice for a Narcissist
(Which you already know will probably end up being wrong even though you had very good intentions)
Do something nice for yourself instead
Sneak out and get just one muffin
Because YOU deserve it
Or better yet, get a doughnut
Muffins are overrated
Stay Strong
Smile : )
And Enjoy! -Lucy K Write (One mom’s battle)

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Written by protectivemothersallianceinternational

November 12, 2014 at 8:44 am

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  1. This made me laugh, it is sad, very very sad in its accuracy but yet I know I am not alone.


    November 12, 2014 at 9:01 am

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