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family court abuse/corruption


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For all the Protective Moms suffering because of DV BY Proxy; Although we can never ” get over ” the loss of a child through DV by Proxy, we must keep healing, keep loving them,( if only from afar) keep moving forward and know that some day our children will realize the truth . They will heal enough and mature enough to come back home into the arms of their loving mothers, where they belong. PMA INTL loves and supports you and your precious children…always



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  1. I recently shared my story of being alienated from my mother at a Moth story slam (5 minute story telling open mic). Telling it forty years after the fact still makes my heart break- even more for my mother than myself, for some reason. Alienated parents, do take the utmost care of yourselves; get or stay healthy. Be kind to yourselves and believe you will reunite and heal some day.


    February 5, 2015 at 7:07 am

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