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family court abuse/corruption

If you want to speak out against Domestic Violence by Proxy aka Parental Alienation Abuse:

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From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

Consider sharing your story with  psychology, social work, and education department heads.  Do you have any connections with any civic organizations or fraternities and sororities?  Are you in Toastmaster’s International? What about churches who involve themselves in social issues, such as the Methodist and Episcopal churches? Youth groups, especially, may welcome you. Contact HuffPost Teen and HuffPost College, Mother Jones, Ms. Magazine, The Atlantic, Chicken Soup for the Soul and other publications.

Also, contact individuals actively involved in Parental Alienation Awareness.  Groups are mostly found on Facebook — some individuals, like parental alienation survivors Andrew Folkler and Heather Swicked Elaine Kent are on YouTube as well as Facebook.  Joan Teresa Kloth Zanard hosts/facilitates support groups for youth. Those who may be able to help you speak on radio shows include Jill Egizii of Chicago area and Wendy Jo Archer the founder of Parental Alienation Awareness in Texas.

Tina Mansell Berryman is…

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March 21, 2015 at 1:51 am

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  1. Other groups to contact re: spreading the word are the Unitarians, Universal Unitarians, Unity, and Religious Science/Science of Mind Spiritual Centers. Very open and psychologically minded and social justice oriented. What about AA and Alanon, Weight Watchers? Carol Saia

    Carol Saia

    April 1, 2015 at 5:45 am

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