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A common form of sociopath control, is to make others to believe, that YOU are doing, what they are doing to you.

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Very Informative !

Dating a Sociopath


There is no worse feeling than being victimized, especially when the person that is victimizing you is your own partner. The very person that you are meant to trust. This is the person that you are meant to trust with your emotions, and your life. Of course, the sociopath did, in the beginning do all that they could to win your trust. You often didn’t realise that you were involved with a psychological nut job, until now.

The sociopath is a coward, and is weak. While they are great at bullying others, and making them feel weak, they don’t particularly want to be found out for their actions. You, the victim, are the one person who could lead to their conviction, or others finding out about who they really are. You are therefore a liability.

This is more than deflection

What better way to isolate you from others, than to…

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June 11, 2015 at 10:32 pm

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