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Personality of Alienators

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Parental Alienation

PAS is also referred to as a psychiatric disorder of the alienating parent in which they will do everything to exclude the target parent from the children’s lives. There are varying levels of PAS in children and alienating parents, from mild to severe and can include times of alienating feelings and words to a constant degradation of the target parent. An alienator is commonly an angry and resentful person. Anger and resentment towards the target parent is exacerbated by the pain of divorce and by the facilitating of the children maintaining a healthy relationship with the target parent.

Alienating parents often feel very insecure about their own relationship with their children and almost feel that if they don’t alienate the other parent; they will be the one that is excluded. They precipitate this with the children with terms like “Your (target parent) doesn’t like me to be with you”. The…

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August 12, 2015 at 7:50 pm

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