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Help End Domestic Violence in a New Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign.

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The PSA asks viewers to literally put the nail in domestic violence in the hope of finally seeing its end.

The PSA was created by New York organisation Safe Horizon that supports the victims of domestic violence, according to US publication AdWeek. The clip accompanying the campaign was created on a pro-bono basis by ad agency Arnold, in New York.

President of Arnold New York, Peter Grossman, said he and the team wanted a tagline that both stood out and had a sense of fun. ‘Put the nail in it’ was the result.

“We liked that it was provocative and pushing the boundaries, and we thought it would help it to stand out and help drive the conversation,” Grossman said.

The clip includes a number of well-known celebs. Check it out below.

Social media has backed the campaign too with the hashtag #PutTheNailInIt.

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June 25, 2015 at 5:29 am

PMA International Gold Ribbon Badge- Bring Our Children Home!!! / Protective Mother And Child Reunion

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Protective Mothers and Supporters; Add this Gold ribbon badge to your social network profile pictures.
Show the world that you are a Protective Mother supporter
Show the world that you love, support and protect children and want to reunite children with their Protective Mom

To learn more about PMA International’s Protective Mother and Child Reunion/ Bring Our Children Home!! Campaign Follow the link below

To grab your badges follow the links below

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