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Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics, Kidnapping, and Corruption/ You Tube

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Former Child Protective Services Investigator, Carlos Morales, explains the incentives that the State gives to destroy families, and what to do if CPS comes after you, your friends, and your community.



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October 10, 2017 at 12:07 am

Molly McGrath Tierney / Rethinking Foster Care TEDxBaltimore 2014

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Excellent- Standing ovation – TED talk by Molly McGrath Tierney about rethinking foster care.
Molly McGrath Tierney is the Director for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, managing the City’s child welfare and public assistance programs. Over the past six years, she has led a massive reform effort to dramatically improve the impact of services to vulnerable citizens of Baltimore. Molly’s work is considered a national model for modern social services.

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