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Happy Fathers’ Day

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See on Scoop.itThe War Against Mothers

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the Mothers doing it ALL

Moral Dystopia

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See on Scoop.itThe War Against Mothers

As our institutions decay, is our sense of right and wrong crumbling as well?

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Judge’s action in Petaluma abuse case defended

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See on Scoop.itThe War Against Mothers

Sonoma County’s top judge said Wednesday that a fellow judge acted appropriately when she rejected an emergency restraining order for a Petaluma woman, who was shot to death one week later by her estranged husband.

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Congressman wants U.S A.G to investigate Michigan CPS

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DETROIT (WXYZ) – The 7 Action News Investigators were the first to expose how a local court wasn’t following the law when it came to removing children from their homes.

Now one of Michigan’s Congressmen is calling on the Department of Justice to investigate the state’s Child Protective Services system.

Representative Hansen Clarke says the most important thing he can do as a member of Congress is protect families in Michigan.

So now he’s calling on U.S.  Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate what’s been happening in Michigan.

“The most important right, constitutionally and God-given right we have is to be able to raise our children. So that’s why I’m going to the attorney general right now to see how we can keep our families together,”  Rep. Hansen Clarke, (D) 13th District, told 7 Action News Investigator Heather Catallo.

Rep. Clarke is asking the Attorney General of the United States to investigate the treatment of African American children and families by Michigan’s Department of Human Services, which oversees Child Protective Services.

7 Action News has been investigating DHS for years, and we were the first to expose that Wayne County’s Juvenile Court wasn’t following the law when CPS workers  would bring in petitions to take children from their parents because of alleged abuse or neglect.

“I knew the system was broken, but I didn’t know it was this broken, where anyone, literally anyone could come and take your child,” said Maryanne Godboldo, who’s 13-year-old daughter was taken temporarily by CPS last year.

Testimony under oath in the Godboldo case revealed that probation officers inside the court would routinely stamp Presiding Juvenile Court Judge Leslie Kim Smith’s name onto the removal orders.  By law, a judge must review the CPS workers allegations of abuse, and then sign the order.

After we reported on the rubber stamping that legal experts say is against the law – the court stopped doing it.  But we still asked the court and DHS to tell us how long it had been going on, and how many children were taken from their parents illegally.  Judge Smith was not interested in answering our questions.

“But it was your name on those removal orders – why was this allowed to happen in your court,” asked Catallo.

“I understand,” said Judge Smith.

“Are you going to talk to us or not,” asked Catallo.

“Have a good day,” said Judge Smith.

Now Congressman Clarke is asking questions of his own.  Clarke sent a letter Attorney General Eric Holder, saying “My office has received complaints from individuals and community groups alleging that CPS is removing African American children from their parents in an arbitrary and discriminatory manner.”

“I want to make sure that every parent is able to raise their child, regardless of their color, regardless of how much money they make – we shouldn’t be penalizing women because they’re struggling financially by taking away their children – that’s outrageous!!!! And Look at the harm it’s done to the child,” said Rep. Clarke.

DHS Director Maura D. Corrigan issued this written statement:

“The department welcomes a dialogue with Rep. Clarke, as we do with all legislators.  We can assure the representative that despite his concerns based on a small number of local cases out of the nearly 100,000 child welfare cases the department investigates each year statewide, that DHS focuses solely on the welfare of the child without regard to race.”

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Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children/HUFF POST

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The so-called “War on Women” is raging, and billions of your tax dollars are being misused to fuel it via the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The solution is to remove the middle class from the welfare roles and do away with gender-based funding incentives.

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 and the Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) program it created transformed welfare policy by drastically reducing and shifting federal assistance away from the homes of mothers and children and into the homes of violent offenders. In an article entitled “How Federal Welfare Funding Drives Judicial Discretion in Child-Custody Determinations and Domestic Relations Matters” fathers and rights activists Lary Holland and Jason Bottomsly explain that this policy has backfired because the incentives are structured so that the state will only benefit if children are removed from loving homes:

“In essence, the federal guidelines wanted the states to function as collection agencies, recovering financial support from parents who had willfully abandoned their parental responsibilities to their children. The result, however, was different from the intent and has caused the state welfare programs to adjust their environment to have a greater need, which has caused the program to collect from willing parents that would ordinarily provide a loving environment for their children absent a court order limiting a parent’s involvement. Despite the original intent of the IV-D welfare program, it now provides an incentive for the states to use their family courts to produce forcibly absent parents in order to increase the states’ IV-D welfare caseload.”

These HHS policies created a new breed of dangerous Welfare Kings through HHS Office of Child Support Enforcement when it began subsidizing the homes and legal battles of the unfit, unwilling, and violent fathers. At the beginning of a custody case, only the offender is sick, but if one violent offender gets custody, the whole family needs treatment. Consequently, it is also not uncommon for dozens of family court mental health and legal professionals onto the case to sustain his deadly custody rights through HHS programs.

The top 5 HHS programs endangering women and children are:

1. Child Support Enforcement (Access and Visitation Programs and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative2011 report from the Office of the Inspector General demonstrates that the States are collecting child support, but not disbursing it to the children it is intended to benefit. So where is the money going? Although previous graduates include mass murderer D.C. Sniper John Muhammad, the 2012 HHS budget reflects President Obama’s $1 billion endorsement of the fraud-riddled fatherhood industry.

Using the virtually unregulated child support system as a vehicle and the father’s will to evade prison timeas collateral, the fathers are told they can risk their liberty and property attempting to pay down arrears, or alternatively, sue the mother for custody using a variety of federally funded “supports.” Unlike the welfare programs for women and children which had restrictive income eligibility requirements, HHS Responsible Fatherhood program benefits are not needs based and are available to all fathers-even billionaires.Benefits from Responsible Fatherhood programs to abusers include:

  • Child support obligations are suspended


  • Free attorney representation in the family courts to fight for custody


  • Free housing


  • Direct cash incentives


  • Free groceries


  • Free car maintenance, gas, and other transportation costs


  • Free healthcare and dental care

While many upstanding fathers honestly complain about TANF programs and the courts victimizing them, the dirty little secret in the fatherhood industry it that the grant recipients who train court personnel, social services, and child support personnel are often fathers rights groups like the Fathers and Families Coalition, the Children’s Rights Council (Founder David Levy sits on the board of the Supervised Visitation Network) and the National Fatherhood Institute.

Clearly, judges understand the danger abusers pose, which is why their courts are guarded with armed deputies and not unarmed social workers. HHS programs are actually a deadly investment given that (a) abusive men win custody of their victims 70% of the time when they ask for it, and (b) regardless of the gender of the victim, it is a public safety issue when DOJ studies show men perpetrate more than 95% of violent assaults against women. A 2011 CDC study also shows that men are raped by other men more than 93% of the time, and women are raped by men more than 98% of the time.
2. Incarceration/Reentry Programs. The purpose of these programs is to recruit violent offenders who are still incarcerated directly from prison, then help them gain custody of victims. It is unclear to me how a child benefits from the dangerous influence of a violent offender insofar as it reduces support to the home they are recovering in. The program paints the offender as the victim and domestic violence as a disease they are afflicted with, curable by the removal of witnesses to their crimes.

Although violence is a voluntary act, HHS now invested our tax dollars into rehabilitating the incurable who choose to assault the most vulnerable members of society. Studies of male DV perpetrators show that 50% of them are sociopaths and another 25% have sociopathic tendancies. Psychopaths are people who feel no emotional connections to others and have zero regard for the rules and regulations of society, they do not respond to therapy, and cannot be rehabilitated. Dr. Robert Hare reports that psychopaths make up 1% of the general population, but 25% of the prison population:

“Violence is not uncommon among offender populations, but psychopaths still manage to stand out,” he says. “They commit more than twice as many violent and aggressive acts, both in and out of prison, as do other criminals … The recidivism rate of psychopaths is about double that of other offenders … The violent recidivism rate of psychopaths is about triple that of other offenders.”

Recipients include:


  • Massachusetts Probation Department: The Probation Department conducts all pre-trial mediations in the MA family courts. As of 2007, the department claims to have helped 1,600 male offenders with their custody cases, including Springfield inmate Shawn Suarez who was recruited into the custody switching program from jail, was released, won custody, then was sent back to prison on another violation. In 2011 and 2012, several high ranking administrators in the Probation Department were indicted by the DOJ and charged with conspiracy and fraud under the Racketeer, Influence, and Corrupt Organizations Act.





  • CT Child Rapist and mass murderer Joshua Komisarjevsky‘s nine-year old daughter was brought to visit him 55 times while in prison awaiting trial for murdering and raping 11-year old Michaela Petit, and also killing her sister Haley (age 17,) and their mom. Prior to murdering and raping the Petit family, Komisarjevsky gained sole custody of his daughter, who he promptly handed over to his parents to raise. The same parents who he blamed for his crimes after being found guilty of 17 counts, including the three homicides, and sentenced to death.

3. Foster care. Despite the fact that the National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect found that children are six times more likely to die in the State’s care than those with their parents, it is assumed by some politicians that if you are poor, then you must need the US Department of Health and Human Services programs to tell you what’s best for your own family.

  • In 2012, Colorado Governor John Hicklenhooper ordered an overhaul of the State’s child welfare system after the Denver Post reported 43 children were murdered as a consequence of social workers who dropped the ball.


  • In 2011, San Francisco Department of Child Protective Services paid out4 million to a former foster child who suffered years of abuse after his sister was beaten and starved to death by the foster parent. Another report showed that more than 1,000 CA foster homes matched the addresses of registered sex offenders, 600 of whom were high risk.



  • This report talks about the 1.5 million mothers who say they were “coerced,” “manipulated,” and “duped” into handing over their babies for adoption. These women say sometimes their parents forged consent documents, but more often they say these forced adoptions were coordinated by the people their families trusted most… priests, nuns, social workers, nurses or doctors.”



  • This report by ABC News reporter Diane Sawyer showed that 25% of all foster kids were on psychotropic drugs, and the States did not do enough to oversee them.


4. Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. With an annual budget of more than$20 million, the Center gives grants directly to religious groups exempt from anti discrimination laws, such as churches and mosques, as well as nonprofits affliated with them. Often partnered with the above-referenced Fatherhood industry programs, the Partnership’s purpose is to “build and support partnerships with faith-based and community organizations in order to better serve individuals, families and communities in need.” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius explains that:

“Faith leaders are trusted partners in local communities. You have a unique ability to reach people, especially the most vulnerable, with the tools and information they need to get healthy, stay well, and thrive.”


The consequence of this policy is that unsubsidized secular nonprofits that provide community services such as childcare, education, and healthcare cannot compete with the radical anti-woman nonprofits the Obama administration gives preference to. Examples include:

  • Catholic Charities received $650 million from HHS between 2008-2011, despite the fact that they have lobbied to uphold their discrimination based policies that deny adequate healthcare to women, children, and the LGBT community. This includes policies which refuse women birth control, abortion, and rape counseling to the more than 10,600 children allegedly raped by some 4,392 preists as of 2002.


  • Atlanta based New Birth Missionary Baptist Church received $1 million from HHS to support accused pedophile Bishop Eddie Long‘s $3 million salary and benefits package, as well as anti-gay marriage lobbying efforts. In 2012, the SEC announced charges against his successor, Fatherhood promotor Ephran Taylor who “was actually peddling was a giant Ponzi scheme, one aimed to “swindle over $11 million, primarily from African-American churchgoers,” that reached into churches nationwide, from Long’s megachurch in Atlanta to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church congregation in Houston.”



  • “Final Defendant Pleads Guilty to Medicaid Fraud in Scheme Involving Homeless and Pregnant Teenagers “ (3/22/2012). This press release from the GA Office of the Attorney General regarding God’s Promise Center, a business located in Henry County which purported to be a residential treatment program for homeless teenage girls.



Domestic violence is a multibillion dollar industry complete with its own ambiguous gender neutral lingo often causes victims in profitably dangerous homes. The CDC estimated that in 2003 Americans spent $8.3 billion on the domestic violence industry, which does not take into consideration the nearly 8 million work days per year that victims miss as a direct consequence of being assaulted, nor the costs associated with the children they care for who might also be abused. With as much as $585 billion also spent subsidizing the child abuse industry, so it’s no wonder some unethical abuse industry professionals cash in by keeping the public in danger and placing children in dangerous homes.

U.S. FAMILY COURTS SACRIFICING MOTHERS & CHILDREN Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse/

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Mother with protection order ‘executed’ by husband/

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“I Am Fishead” Are Corporate Leaders Egotistical Psychopaths ?

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Bianca Jones’ father charged with murder/ Nancy Grace

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The prosecutor’s office announced today they are charging D’Andre Lane, father of two-year-old missing toddler Bianca Jones, with her murder. Lane had reported he was allegedly forced from his car at gunpoint by two men who then drove away, kidnapping his infant child Bianca.

Bianca Jones’ father now officially faces charges of felony murder and first degree child abuse. Responding to the announcement Wednesday afternoon, Lane’s attorney, Terry Johnson, told HLN, “I am surprised. I look forward to getting my discovery from the prosecution to see exactly how they arrived at these charges. Based upon what I know…there’s been no child abuse nor any felony murder. Just because people don’t believe Mr. Lane’s version of the events of December 2, that does not arise to the magnitude of the charges that have been brought forth today.”


Weak laws pave way for child sexual abuse Workers can skirt background checks; lawmakers ignored warnings for decades/By MICHAEL LAFORGIA Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

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By bedtime it already was too late for the boy. The lights blinked out and the camp counselor, a predator, lay down at his feet. Curled up in the dark, he was ready to attack.

Getting here was all too easy for James Roy Melton Jr. When the convicted child molester volunteered at this Palm City church summer camp, nobody stood in his way.

Not the church. It welcomed the tall, rangy 34-year-old as its newest youth chaperone without screening his background.

And not the state of Florida. For 30 years, lawmakers have passed measures to protect kids in child-care centers while ignoring harm at the hands of summer camp workers.

Florida camps are completely unregulated. Nobody knows how many operate here. Nobody checks up on the people who run them.

As a result, children have suffered profound harm, a Palm Beach Post investigation has found.

That’s what happened on this night in the summer of 1997. Melton, who 10 years earlier had admitted raping as many as 12 children, lay down among boys in Palm City. The kids fell asleep. He pulled down one 14-year-old’s shorts and molested him.

Convicted again in the Palm City attack, Melton was sentenced to 30 years. He still is in prison.

But, across Florida, the dangers for children remain.

The state’s system of safeguarding kids in child-care centers relies on licensing. State regulators inspect day cares and other licensed businesses to ensure employees are thoroughly screened. There are no such requirements for camps.

That means molesters like Melton, along with violent criminals or the severely mentally ill, can sign on — and have signed on — as camp counselors statewide.

In a six-month reporting effort, The Post compared millions of corporate filings with records of criminal convictions; pored over tens of thousands of pages of court documents, police reports and news clippings; and conducted dozens of interviews. In coming days, the newspaper will lay out its findings in a series of stories. Among the key points:

Kids have been harmed.

They have been sexually molested in instances of preventable abuse.

And cases of harm — preventable or otherwise — happen regularly in Florida summer camps. Since 2000, at least 50 children have been victimized in summer programs, or abused by workers the kids first encountered at camp organizations.

Because child sexual abuse often goes unreported — one estimateputs the reporting rate at one in 20 cases — that figure likely under-represents the number of victims statewide.

Many more kids are at risk.

All 50 states consider child molesters and other sex offenders so dangerous that the government tracks their movements, but nothing stops them from working in Florida camps. More than a few got jobs in summer programs.

In scores of other cases, rapists, murderers and other violent criminals have led organizations that often run camps. Roughly 170 church or neighborhood youth programs have been operated by felons statewide, including more than two dozen businesses led by child molesters or other sex offenders.

The groups are disproportionately clustered around the state’s poorest neighborhoods.

Lawmakers have known for years.

Since the mid-1980s, legislators have been warned repeatedly of dangers in camps. Even so, they have taken virtually no steps to protect kids.

Jennifer Dritt, executive director of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence, said The Post has identified a significant problem.

“I think people should pay attention to it,” Dritt said. “And our legislature should pay attention to it.”

Florida is one of six states that don’t license camps in some form.

Its population of 19 million dwarfs the others on the list: North Carolina, Washington, Missouri, New Mexico and South Dakota.

In Texas, state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte sponsored a successful bill in 2001 requiring greater scrutiny for Texas camp workers.

“Children are extremely vulnerable, and particularly children who are in a summer camp,” she said. “Don’t you want to … select a camp that has gone through the types of processes that make sure that everyone who has access to your child has had a background check?”

Florida’s lawmakers haven’t ignored camps altogether. On paper, laws requiring stringent FBI background checks appear to cover summer camp workers. But the same laws make no one responsible for enforcing the rules.

“That is a mistake in the legislature not doing that,” said Pam Huddleston, the detective who arrested Melton in his first child sex abuse case in 1987. She now works as a prosecutor in Tennessee. “Somebody dropped the ball. Somebody should have sealed up that loophole a long time ago.”

The state’s chief child-care regulator, the Department of Children and Families, has the power to close camps that don’t comply with background screenings — but only on a complaint basis. Since 2010, DCF has gotten five camp complaints. None resulted in regulators taking punitive action.

Even if required to, DCF couldn’t easily weed out bad operators. The law doesn’t force camps to make themselves known to the state. That would put the burden of finding them on regulators.

Spurred in part by stories published in The Post in 2010, DCF last year mounted an intense public awareness campaign, contacting more than 1,100 camp operators while issuing news releases that sounded a reassuring note for Florida parents.

The effort yielded a list of 582 camps statewide, according to aninternal audit obtained by The Post in February.

Even so, the audit found evidence that most camps had ignored screening requirements.

It concluded that, under current law, the agency doesn’t have the power to police summer programs adequately.

Most parents are startled to learn that Florida doesn’t license summer camps. Among them was Gov. Rick Scott, who reacted with surprise.

Told that child molesters were free to find jobs in camps, the governor replied, “How can that happen?”

The answer can be traced to an episode that spawned Florida’s screening laws, to 1984, when a startling sex abuse case played out in Dade County.

In an upscale Miami suburb, the affable Frank Fuster ran a popular day care called the Country Walk Babysitting Service.

Only after he was arrested did it emerge that Fuster previously had been convicted of manslaughter, and of molesting a little girl.

Children told authorities tales of horrific abuse. They said Fuster wore a scare mask as he raped and tortured his tiny victims.

After the attacks, one boy tested positive for gonorrhea in his throat.

Prosecuted by then-Dade State Attorney Janet Reno, Fuster was convicted of rape and molestation. He went to prison for life.

After Country Walk, the legislature in 1985 passed the state’s first background screening law, requiring day-care employees be fingerprinted.

The law evolved into today’s standards: FBI background checks for employees of any “child-care facility,” businesses that are paid to watch more than five children at a time.

The system hinges on licensing, charging DCF with suspending or revoking licenses of operators who don’t obey the rules.

From the start, there was confusion over whether the law applied to summer camps. And in decades that followed, the issue was raised with lawmakers more than half a dozen times.

In the latest instance, in 2010, The Post reported that gaps in screening requirements allowed even child molesters to work in camps.

Responding, a handful of influential state lawmakers — Senate President Mike Haridopolos; Stuart Rep. William Snyder, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; and Sen. Ronda Storms, head of the Senate’s Children and Families Committee — immediately pledged changes.

Haridopolos said, “We need to quickly close that (loophole) up.” Snyder said guarding the vulnerable is “one of the primary responsibilities of government.” Storms called the lack of action “appalling” and said it made her want to shake someone by the lapels.

But when the legislature met in 2011, nobody brought up camps.Nothing changed.

Today, Melton is locked in a Central Florida prison cell.

If he were freed tomorrow, he couldn’t get a job at a day care, or a school, or a child rec center.

But he easily could find work at another summer program — or open a camp of his own.

Staff researcher Niels Heimeriks contributed to this story.


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