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Wounded Healer; The Series

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Wounded Healer; The Series / Part 1
PMA INTL. Guardian Of Truth Blog will be starting a series on The Wounded Healer.

All content provided for PMA International’s Wounded Healer series is for informational purposes only. This content does not represent the PMA International organization as a whole or its members/supporters, state chapter leaders, international leaders, administrators, professional supporters and co-founders. PMA International makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information in the Wounded Healer series or found by following any link in the Wounded Healer Series. The responsibility is yours alone on how this information is used. IN NO EVENT SHALL PMA International BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT TO THE informational material on the site.

What is a Wounded Healer?
A Wounded Healer is someone volunteering or working in the healing profession who is helping others but bleeding from their own wounds while they help.

According to Carl Jung the psychiatrist; a wounded healer must go through their wound. He explains that To go through our wound is to embrace, and say “yes” to the mysteriously painful new place in ourselves where the wound is leading us. Going through our wound, we can allow ourselves to be re-created by the wound. Our wound is not a static entity, but rather a continually unfolding dynamic process that manifests, reveals and incarnates itself through us, which is to say that our wound is teaching us something about ourselves. Going through our wound means realizing we will never again be the same when we get to the other side of this initiatory process. Going through our wound is a genuine death experience, as our old self “dies” in the process, while a new, more expansive and empowered part of ourselves is potentially born (wikipedia).
To read more Wounded Healer;The Series Part 1
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Wounded Healer; The Series Part 2
As protective mothers we all know how difficult holidays, birthdays and other traumatic events can be .Since holidays are just around the corner PMA International protective moms have put together some helpful tips on self care specifically tailored for these occasions

Tools to Empower You on Anniversaries of Traumatic Events;
To read more about these tools to empower you from Wounded Healer; The Series Part 2
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Wounded Healer; The Series / Part 3
In this part of our Wounded Healer series we will begin to explore the various alternative healing modalities. Some of these healing modalities have not been scientifically proven, yet some people have found them helpful. As with all alternative therapies, please use discretion and common sense. Seek the advice of a qualified professional if any questions arise. Always only do what makes you feel comfortable. We will start our exploration of alternative healing modalities with Color therapy or Chromatherapy.
To learn more about Chromatherapy from Wounded Healer; The Series Part 3
Click on the link below

To learn how to cut energetic negative cord connections to other people
Click on the link below

Wounded Healer; The Series / Part 4
In this part of our Wounded Healer series we will begin to explore the healing benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils. What is aromatherapy? How does aromatherapy work? and what are some common uses of aromatherapy, from relaxation to the use of essential oils to freshen and clean a microwave.

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December 3, 2013 at 8:58 am

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  1. An inspirational video by Kelly Clarkson. “Dark Side” is the wounded healer.. it is the struggles, the pain, the challenges in’s when life doesn’t go the way we planned. This song says love yourself anyways! Don’t give up. You are not your struggles. xo

    EJ Perth

    July 2, 2014 at 10:50 am

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